Our cars are getting smarter and safer


Head-Up Display

A Head-Up display presents graphics in perspectives, driving related data and other differentiated content (e.g. side and rear alter) on the wind shield. You can drive more safely because you don't have to look away from your viewpoint.


Full Size TFT LCD Cluster

A variety of user-friendly content is displayed on a 12.3 inch full size color cluster LCD to assist our safer and more convenient driving.


Around View Monitoring System

Four cameras mounted on the exterior of your car shows you parking and driving space available to make your parking and drive easier in a limited space.


Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

Uses a front-facing camera to detect the driving lane in real time and warns the driver using visual alerts on the cluster as well as audible alarms and controls the steering wheel to keep the vehicle safely in its driving lane when the vehicle tries to leave its current lane without the driver using the indicators.


Driver Attention Alert (DAA) System

If any driver fatigue/inattentiveness patterns are detected, it produces a pop-up message and an alarm sound that recommends a break to attract the driver’s attention and encourage the driver to take a break.


Driver Attention Alert (DAA) System

Blind Spot Detection (SBSD) System

When it is on, it helps avoid collisions by subtly applying the breaks on the opposite side wheel on the front end when a collision is expected as a result of a lane change.


Blind Spot Detection (SBSD) System

Assist Emergency Braking (AEB) System

It consolidates and determines the radar signals and the front-facing camera signals to minimize damage by performing an emergency braking procedure if a collision is expected with another vehicle or pedestrian.


Navigation System

IT based UVO service allows you to receive a wide range of information on your car and centrally operate different multimedia devices to make your driving more convenient one.

NVH - We convert noise and vibration into a pleasant experience

Noise and vibration have an impact on the way you feel while you drive.
We go beyond removing noise and vibration to create a pleasant sound out of them.


Technology to make your car more silent

One of the key factors to handling NVH is to minimize tiny quirking sound from contact between, for example, components and the road and the tires.

Active noise control to remove sound with another sound

This technology provides an ability to identify the frequency, volume, tone and other attributes of noise coming into the cabin and emits a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase to the noise. It can also minimize unnecessary structures to further reduce noise, ultimately achieving better fuel efficiency.


Active noise control to remove sound with another sound

Technology to make pleasant sound

We design all sounds coming from your car, including those from the doors, indicators and even alerts, so that they can be pleasant to hear.

Premium Sound System

The moment you press the play button, you can have the pleasure of hearing sound full of liveliness and dynamism.


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